Envisioned by Flyingbeds, "The Tale" is a convertible bed in office particularly astute. An ideal solution for furnishing small spaces.

Behind a simple design, simplistic view, hides in fact an ingenious piece of furniture that is sure to inspire many designers and frequently faced with the development of tight spaces architects.


Offered by Flyingbeds, the American convertible bed specialist based in Denver, "The Tale" is a bed that turns into a workspace in the blink of an eye. A simple manipulation by the user is enough to effect the transformation. This is also facilitated by gas jacks, allowing the transfer of weight to be damped when moving from one position to another.

Composed of a wood cladding and a steel structure, this versatile furniture will find its place in a student room or will transform a living room into a guest room. 

"The Tale" comes in different wood 6 aspects. It is available and costs $ 3650, mattresses included.

Source: Flyingbeds

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