Designed by designer Markus Grip, the Divider fireplace combines the coldness of glass with the warmth of the flame. A product offered by Vauni, a Swedish manufacturer specializing in ethanol fireplaces.

Offering a peripheral view of the fire, this fireplace consists of four walls of 10 mm thick glass and a low steel casing. With dimensions of 95 cm long, 75 cm high and 39,5 cm deep, it develops a power of 1,5 kW.

Equipped with an ethanol burner for the flame adjustment and a reservoir of one liter, the chimney Divider will operate continuously for at least 3 hours.

This product is available in different finishes, with white metal box, black or stainless steel top plate steel or composite stone.

For more information on this product and find out the manufacturer's catalog, visit Vauni.

Source: Vauni

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