Today we present the selection "Innovative materials" and the professional universe with the category "Office / Tertiary".

In the section "Innovative materials", 4 products caught our attention, it is "Re-cover Green" ecological and colorful floor covering developed with the architectural firm Hadi Teherani for Vorwerk, "I.light" a cement-based material that can pass light and play on transparency by Ciments Calcia, "SaphirKeramik" an innovation in ceramics allowing otenir unparalleled finesse, a process invented by Laufen and finally, "Silestone" Cosentino star material that incorporates a bacteriostatic protection compound 90% quartz and 10% resin.

The universe "Office / Commercial" is itself composed of 4 categories:

The category "Tables - Offices" puts vying sculptural "S8000" a conference table designed by architect Hadi Teherani for Thonet, "Ono" with clean and sober lines imagined by the architectural firm Perin & Topan for Frezza, the "Kyo Range" a massive desk and wooden design by Martex, and "Mesas Aise" an elegant table for mixed use by Treku.

Our selection "Chair and waiting furniture" regroup "LTB" designers Le Téo & Blet, an alliance between lounge furniture and office furniture for Haworth, "Sofa FG8" which is an amazing removable sofa easily by mobile WA.DE.BE sofa for Soca, the "8080 Series" a high-end bench-armchair-coffee table set designed by Porsche Design Studio for Kusch & Co and finally "Wing Sofa" Wait a sofa designed by Patrick Norguet for Fasem.

In the section "Development - Partitions", 3 products caught our attention, it is "Kristal Evo" and a removable glass partition Frezza, "Meetyou" Small modular and colorful walls of designer Michael Schmidt Haworth, and finally "Workstation" storage units to create their own workspaces, a creation of Martex.

In the category "Lighting", Drafting retained "Ludic" a side lamp for office "face-to-face" by Radian, "Lucibelpanel double-sided" an elegant and economical slab suspended by Lucibel double-sided, "Luck" high performance desktop lamp and Radian "Lamp Living" who dresses a translucent backdrop by Regent Lighting.

On Monday, you can discover the last major category that makes up the prizes for products of Architecture and Design, the "Floor coverings". The room of votes is always ready to crown the products that you find most remarkable.

For more information, visit the website Awards ArchiDesignClubAnd to participate in votes, click here.  

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