Velux presents its "new generation window" after 5 years of research.

To imagine its new generation window, Velux relied on 5 years of research, anticipation of regulations and feedback. The goal: to design a window that fits all types of projects and has a minimum of constraints. For this, Velux focused his reflections on 5 major issues for users: energy, light, comfort, design and serenity.

Velux returns to these 5 point clear:

The energy challenge

• Glazing triple worthy values ​​with double glazed windows and very studied interfaces with other materials:

GGL Comfort / All Comfort

-Laying + Embedded insulating block BDX: Uw = 1,1 W (m2.K)

-Laying Embedded insulating block BDX + + shutter: Uw = 0,94 W (m2.K) (calculations according CSTB - 90 ° slope)

• 20% of energy loss and less winter (1) (Relative to a window any comfort 2012)

• High performance summer comfort: 77% of the heat off (windows Comfort and Any Comfort)

The light issue

• The response to market expectations

Until 10% of glazed area and in addition to 42% more light transmission of solar control glazing (compared to the previous generation)

The Comfort stake

• Functional manual windows thanks to the new bar for maneuver facilitating gripping and movement.

• Really smart electric windows - 3 ° C in the living room by hot day with automated nighttime natural cooling of the VELUX INTEGRA window installed in the stairwell (2) (programmatically opening hours).

The design challenge

• An aesthetic that blends harmoniously into the roof:

rounded profiles smoothes form, disappearance of all visible screws side profiles.

Solutions embedded on all materials, from 20 ° slope only in simple windows or combinations of horizontal windows.

The Serenity stake

• Products that have passed all the internal tests (blower, aging, resistance) and external (test sites, technical advice (3), certifications (4) CSTBat and ACOTHERM ...)

• A principle known pose, and many innovations to facilitate and secure installation on site

• Identical guarantees: 20 years on the glazing


For more information, visit the website Velux.

(1) Evolution of the Uw value according to EN ISO 12567-2

(2) Study on the open volume + stay stairwell of a house 102 m2 carried out with the VELUX EIC Visualizer software validated according to CEN standard 13791

(3) Technical Assessments: Window GGL: No. 6 / 12-2105, GGU: 6 / 13-2118, GPU: 6 / 13-2119, GPL: 6 / 13-2120

(4) Ongoing.



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