Discover the brand new BSO roof & Aluminum Profiles System Pergola. A very beautiful product created by the aluminum joinery specialist who has won several awards for the innovation and design of his products.

Terraces, balconies, patios, swimming pools, pool houses… this adjustable sunshade roof & pergola adapts to all your desires and all your needs.

Wallis & Outdoor® allows you to control the brightness as well as the ventilation of your outdoor space thanks to its 135 ° tilting slats.

For larger spaces, the pergola is available until 7000 x 35000 3000 mm mm high and it does not require a building permit!

Sensors are available to automate the opening and closing of the blades in case of rain, wind or snow. Its handheld remote control allows adjustment at will.

Perfectly waterproof, the BSO roof & pergola Wallis & Outdoor® is equipped with a rainwater evacuation system and a water descent at an angle of your choice. Several structural configurations are possible: free-standing (4 posts), wall mounting (2 posts), between walls (without post).

Wallis & Outdoor® will give your outdoor space a unique character thanks to its design and finishes:

- Aluminum screws or stainless steel concealed

- Evacualtion integrated invisible rainwater into the studs, angle choice

- Sealed perfect even at the opening of blades after downpour

- Integrated Engine for ease of use

- Available in more than 400 shades

- Lacquering guarantee to 25 years

- Many options available

Want to customize your BSO & Pergola roof? Many options are available such as:

- Headbands for LEDs or spotlights

- Canvas awnings or screens

- PA

- Heating

- Mist

Wallis & Outdoor® is available in more than 400 colors including the exclusive Eclats Métalliques® metal effect, Mahoé® wood effect & Terra Cigala® sanded and granite effect ranges. Lacquer guaranteed for up to 25 years on class 2 color ranges.


To find out more about the BSO roof & Aluminum Pergola Profiles Systèmes, visit Profiles Systems

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