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commercial buildings and flat roof habitat: overhead light and comfortable life

100% unprecedented concept, the dome-window for flat roofs is the ideal response to light input problems by flat roofs: light intake and fresh air coupled with the guarantees and living comfort VELUX.

NEW Technical Notice N ° 6 / 12-2080>

An exclusive combination of performance

Optimal natural lighting
light transmission in transparent version = 70%.

Breakdown in peace
With the electric-window cupola opening:
• By opening remote.
• For scheduled automatic opening.
• integrated rain sensor for automatic closure of the dome-window from the first drops of rain.

Amortization of rain sounds
Sound level by pouring rain below the alarm threshold 50 dB of a sleeping person.

Winter heat insulation
According EN 1873 / 418 DS: Urc = 0,72W / m2.K
According to EN ISO 12567-2 (CE): Uw = 1,4W / m2.K

Reinforced insulation in summer
bare window 65% of the heat stopped * (transparent version, size 120x120)
+ Awning window sunshade: 90% of the heat stopped *

Burglar resistance
2 class (DIN EN 1627) with laminated glazing P4A

enhanced security
safety laminated glass does not burst by shocks
Protection 1200 Joules external maintenance.

Facilities for all needs
Remote dimming interior Store
Remote dimming interior Store
Remote Store visor

* Value CSTB, consistent with the rules Th-Bat 2012

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