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Discover the ventilated facade system Rockwool, total concept, total pack. In conventional concrete, masonry or wood support, this technique is ideal for renovation in house. REDAir is available as a complete system, combining materials, accessories, siding and services, turnkey ready. You customize the finish, choosing from 36 color panels or siding, in compressed rock wool or wood Rockpanel Silverwood.

The REDAir ™ System Logistics is:

The assurance of having all system elements at once: from the beginning to the end of the implementation.
Logistics is optimized: You receive a single delivery with all system components * for a single command.
Controlling costs while making savings to your customers on their energy bills, thanks to the thermal performance of the insulation REDAir ™ System rockwool, unique total concept and unmatched in the marché.mple - fast - convenient

SITE = 1 1 1 delivery * order =
* Or two deliveries if the surface of your project exceeds 350 m².

You have a choice of packages, from simple - insulation and siding - the most complete, bindings and services include: tailor-made turnkey!
You customize the finish, choosing from 60 color panels or siding, in compressed rock wool or wood Rockpanel Silverwood.
You have a wide range of accessories (profiles and fixing), formats and services can be activated as needed.
You isolate the tables returns through Finishboad panel, specifically designed for this application.

"ITE special" services

Go to the front hotline, a dedicated support to installers as distributors, to meet, by telephone or internet, to all technical questions. For you, Monday to Friday h 9 00 to 17 00 h: or to the following email address: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Get support to construction start. This service allows you to have an accompaniment ground to start with confidence.
Have a diagnosis of the support wall with a tear test to help determine the most appropriate fixation.
Enjoy the design of your site support tool to determine the quantity of components required.
These services can be activated on demand, to accompany your teams.

For more information, visit the website Rockwool

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