Put a little poetry in everyday objects, those objects which habit has rendered almost invisible. Thus, a single sink stopper or a Phillips screw gracefully reappear under the pencil Joana Meroz of.

Made of stamped and laser-cut stainless steel, drain plugs for wash basins or sinks Lace-Drain de Joana Meroz are decorated with floral designs to brighten up your bathroom or kitchen.

These floral motifs, the designer of origin israelo-brazilian also declines them with Drain Eye-CatchersHis series of finely perforated white plastic plugs that fit into the bottom of your sink or basin to retain your elegantly waste and hair.

Other production Joana Meroz, his cruciform screws Flower-Power Screws. Available in 3 sizes, 3, 4 or 5 centimeters in length, they are used like any other steel screw but are distinguished by their head shaped flower. 

Three representative projects of production of creative, mixing humility and sensitivity.

For more information on Joana Meroz and its productions, visit its website.

sources: Trendsnow, Rose and Radish et The Ornamented Life

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