Individual, collective and professional housing (terraces, balconies, patios, poolhouses, hotels, cafes, restaurants, etc.), the Brise-Soleil Orientable & Aluminum Pergola roof Wallis & Outdoor® has been designed to offer you, according to your needs and desires, a new outdoor living space combining design and comfort.

With the Walis & Outdoor® Pergola, make the most of your outdoors in summer and winter, and experience the weather as you please!

The Design by Profiles Systems

  • Thanks to its elegance and clean lines, the Pergola Wallis & Outdoor® fits perfectly into any home style (modern, contemporary or classic).
  • Several structure con fi gurations are possible (wall mounting, freestanding, between two walls) in order to adapt to all architectural desires. Possibility in particular of coupling the BSO Roof (s) and Wallis & Outdoor® Pergolas in width and length.
  • To ensure sobriety and elegance, the entire fastening system (in stainless steel or aluminum) of the Pergola Wallis & Outdoor® is completely invisible.
  • The BSO or Pergola Wallis & Outdoor® Roof is available in more than 400 colors including Eclats Métalliques® (metal effect range), Maohé® (wood effect range), Terra Cigala® (sanded and granite touch range), and the entire RAL palette.

Comfort Systems by Profiles

  • With slats, the Wallis & Outdoor® aluminum pergola optimizes solar gain in winter and prevents you from overheating in summer. The airflow between the blades, ensures also an excellent natural ventilation.
  • Completely waterproof, even when the slats are opened after a downpour ... The BSO or Pergola Wallis & Outdoor® roof is equipped with a rainwater drainage system and an invisible water descent (in the corner of your choice).
  • Sensors are available to automate the opening and closing of the blades in case of rain, wind, snow.
  • Many options are available to make your Wallis & Outdoor® aluminum pergola, a truly exceptional product:
    Climate management
    Lighting (Ramp Led spotlight Led Strip Led)
    Infrared heating,
    High Pressure Misting,
    Blinds, ...

The Wallis & Outdoor® aluminum pergola is a 100% French productDesigned and developed by Profiles Systems, the specialist in aluminum carpentry.

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