It's a fine day that the air conditioning needs are greatest. What could be more logical since to use solar energy to power an air conditioner? This is what we proposed the company Greencore's air conditioning unit with integrated solar panel.

Developed by the company Greencore Air, the Greencore 10200 is a solar powered air conditioning system available in 2 models, one fixed and the other mobile to 2 or 4 batteries. 

With an integrated solar panel 170 Watts, it can meet the cooling needs of spaces of 55 square meters.

Operation is mixed indeed when the sun will be missing its batteries can be charged through a power supply.

Mainly for modular temporary buildings, prefabricated and local sites, the Greencore 10200 is also available with an additional module for heating use.

To learn more, visit Greencore Air.

Access the technical documentation of Greencore 10200.

sources: treehugger et Greencore Air

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