Discover Sensacell, combining interactive LED lighting system and sensors to create surfaces is enlightening to your contact. Technology disappears behind the effect, simple, dramatic and poetic.

Visitors to the2008 Zaragoza International Exhibition can currently experience this amazing system at the entrance pavilion of the Valencian Community. On entering the building, they see indeed to their surprise the ground light up under their feet, keeping a fleeting trace of their passage.

Sensacell is a modular system allowing the realization of interactive light surfaces up to 1000 square meters. Each module contains high-performance, variable-intensity LEDs and incorporates sensors that detect the presence of people or objects through many materials such as glass, synthetic materials, rubber or wood. LEDs are available in multiple colors, patterns and sizes, allowing for many visual effects.

We can be certain, Sensacell will not fail to give ideas to many designers. We already see many possible applications in architecture, for floors or walls interactive and animated, but also in the field of architecture or interior design with furniture that react with their user.

Discover a video of the system in operation:

[youtube] NpRE6CM3oOY [/ youtube]

For more information about this product, visit the website Sensacell.

Source: Sensacell

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