As part of MIAWs 2014 (Muuuz International Awards), we invite you to find every day product architecture and the most iconic and innovative design launched over the past two years. Check out our selection today bathtubs.

4 products are nominated in this category:

BetteArt of BETTE

Designed by Tesseraux + partner, the BetteArt bath unit is characterized by its seamless edges and filigree. An Island bath sculptural character that showcases light. This bath is illustrated by its particularly narrow and thin rim, giving it smoothness and lightness.
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Accademia Pop by TEUCO  

With bathtub Accademia, the manufacturer Teuco took advantage of the versatility of its Duralight ® material to make this bath an element capable of establishing a new standard of style, both surprisingly simple but luxurious at the same time. The tub Accademia is available in a version of Pop, an original limited edition graphic and colorful.
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LoveMe Aquatica Bath is a freestanding bath rectangular stone. Rounded corners and edges that are deployed at each end, have comfortable lines that invite relaxation. This bath is designed in one piece, which ensures strength and durability.
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Karolina of AQUATICA BATH  

Karolina is a freestanding bath inspired forms natural pools. Featuring the latest generation of solid composite material AquaStone Aquatica Bath, the freestanding bath Karolina is durable and 100% recyclable. A bathtub with simple and smooth lines that presents an almost velvety texture and nonporous for easy cleaning.
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