The OLED is a light display technology based on organic LEDs. gradually replacing the LCD technology, including flat screens many digital devices of last generation, it is also about to revolutionize the lighting industry in the coming years.

Based on a flexible support made of polymer material, the OLEDs are lightweight, thin and flexible, they are dimmable, dimmable and mercury free. With such advantages, the possibilities seem many in industry but also in the field of architecture, interior design or design, the only limit is the imagination of the designers.

Research to reduce production costs to allow massive use of this technology in consumer applications is ongoing. Wallpapers that illuminate or broadcast videos, partitions, panels, ceilings, curtains or roller blinds luminous, all these applications are already under study. Let there be no doubt that the world of lighting is about to experience profound upheavals in the coming years.

For more information, Discover the video presentation of Edison's Desk - GE Global Research Blog

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Source: Edison's Desk - GE Global Research BLog

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