Or the other way around ... Thanks to A-Level by Posimotion, turn your iphone or ipod touch into a bubble level ... A little software that could be of great service to architects.

This downloadable application itunes uses the accelerometer of the iPhone or iPod touch, including feature that allows them to spend screen in portrait or landscape according to their position in space. A-Level and offer to measure your levels taking your iphone or ipod touch vertically, horizontally or laid flat. Besides a graphic reading bubble, A-Level also offers a digital readout in degrees or radians. Although accuracy can be poor for the moment, a free update planned soon expected to calibrate the level of finer way. 

sources: itunes et PosiMotion

EDIT: Since August 17 2008, another application of this type is available on the Appstore toitunesIt is developed by Dual Level Geometry. To try...

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