Internet 3D : une autre manière de communiquer

Alternativa3D 3D is a new engine developed by the team of Russian developers ofAlternative. Its uniqueness is to offer 3D real-time visualization within the window of your browser. Based on Flash technology, it requires no software installation except Adobe Flash Player plugin installed on approximately 9 95% of personal computers according to specialists ofAlternative.

With their latest creation, access to real time environments 3D is so with ease, as simply as it connects to a website lambda. Since a web browser window, the 3D real time becomes accessible in all its forms: complete and realistic environments, video games, virtual tours or manipulation of objects 3D ...

Further support textures and a Z-sorting allowing reconstruction of particularly effective faces, Alternativa3D soon offer new features such as dynamic management of lighting and shadows ... Last detail, Alternativa3D allows you to work from your own templates to .3DS size ... Thousand and one reason for architects to use this technology to offer virtual tours of their projects through their website. Show the architecture online, new opportunities emerge, the simple photo gallery of realizations has the lead in the wing, up to the project library to discover and visit in 3D ...

As proof, here are some examples to learn to better understand the possibilities ofAlternativa3D :

- Visit remains of ancient architecture

- Overview of an industrial site

- Walk inside a futuristic architecture

When the navigation interface changes from 2D the 3D

Si Alternativa3D, recently delivered to the public, is something of a newcomer to the world of Flash 3D engines Papervision, Older engine is not outdone either. Although it displays potentially fewer polygons thatAlternativa3D, Papervision do not offer less striking opportunities, allowing the creation of websites to navigation interfaces while 3D, offering a new way to browse, access information and communicate. Internet now moves from the 2D 3D, the visitor dives into the depth of the screen, immerses himself in a three-dimensional, interactive universe. The environment evolves 3 dimensions, camera and elements move according to the movements and mouse clicks from the user.


Discover interactive demo of 3D Papervision

A territory to discover and explore new opportunities, so many innovative tools to service professionals and their projects that may well revolutionize how to communicate architecture via internet ...

(Thanks to Lab9 for his explanations and advice on creating web 3D)

sources: Alternative et Papervision

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