Nanotechnologie : vers des structures invisibles

Leaving the world of electronics, nanotechnology suggests incredible opportunities. Some scientific research in progress in the field may well change our immediate environment in the coming years.

To recall, a nanotube is a structure composed of atoms arranged geometrically. The nanotubes are invisible to the extent that they are separated by more than one wavelength, or 5 micrometers, and are as light as ultra resistant.

Specializing in nanotechnology, the Italian researcher of the Turin Polytechnic Nicolas Pugno has calculated the number of nanotubes necessary to support the weight of a man. According to him, this feat would be made possible by arranging the nanotubes to form a cable of a centimeter in diameter, invisible and weighing only 10 milligrams per kilometer.

Note that this researcher had already distinguished himself in recent years with projectsspace elevator and the quality of their high adhesion combination to enable an individual to move on vertical surfaces in the manner of Spiderman, also projects based on the use of nanotubes ...

invisible bearing structures, incredibly light and strong, supporting the weight of a man or more ... ability to move in space vertically ... In a few years a new field of possibilities could s' offer architects, traditional benchmarks splintered, old dreams come true ...

sources: Bestofmicro, Futura Sciences et New Scientist