Des panneaux muraux réagissant à la chaleur

An American design studio has developed a system of wall panels, the surface reacts with body heat. Another way of understanding the interaction between the user and the environment.

design agency based in Jackson - Mississippi, Visual Reference Studio is led by Nuno Gonçalves Ferreira and Erin Hayne. This designer duo pays particular attention to the sensory experiences of users and interactions and dialogues that can engage with surrounding objects. Their "Touch Wall Panels" project provides a perfect illustration.

"Touch Wall Panels" is a modular wall-mounted panel system. Made of foam and wood, these elements come in the form of squares 60 centimeters wide with a curved and slightly concave surface. This 3-dimensional surface is precisely coated with a thermosensitive layer that reacts and changes color when exposed to body heat or that of a light source. A simple touch of the hand or the body, a warm lamp that we approach and lines in contrasting colors emerge on the wall, like a specter of the user, a trace of his presence which will gradually disappear after he left. The environment reacts and recomposes itself, the user prints his ephemeral history there.

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Source: Visual Reference Studio