Altcity, l'architecture en 3D sur internet

Integrating 3D technologies on the internet is more relevant than ever. Recently introduced Muuuz Alternativa you 3D, engine based on Flash technology for viewing objects and complex architectures 3D in real time using a simple web browser. Discover Altcity today, the latest online demo of Alternativa 3D. Impressive and promising.

"Altcity, non-existent neighborhood" is the new interactive demo ofalternative 3D. Speaking mainly to architects and developers, this demo suggests the amazing possibilities of this 3D engine in the field of architecture, construction and real estate.

Once the free plug-in Adobe Flash Player 9 installed on your computer (if it is not already, about 95% of computers are indeed equipped), no additional software or plug-in is required:

Experience discovering the interactive demonstration of Altcity.

Complementing traditional sketches, perspectives and animated films, architects, designers and developers can now, thanks to alternative 3D, Present their projects interactively directly on their website. Using the keyboard or the mouse, the user can indeed discover all angles, moving in architectural or urban projects at leisure, afford an aerial point of view or from ground level on objects. Another feature alternative 3D also displays information related to objects or buildings modeled thanks to a clever pop-up system appearing and disappearing according to the movements of the user in the project.

To learn more, see our recent article on the use of 3D on internet: "3D Internet: another way to communicate".

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