Papier peint phosphorescent

The Museum of Decorative Arts, the designers invited by A3P dusting off the wallpaper and we will deliver their personal visions and contemporary. Particularly noticed, the prototype of Ich & Kar, printed with phosphorescent ink.

After being a long time gone, the wallpaper returns to the front of the scene since a few years, multiplying the original patterns, hues and textures.

Created in 1999, the Association for the Wallpaper Promotion (A3P) Met manufacturers, publishers and distributors of the wallpaper industry.

To promote innovation in the sector, A3P organizes in partnership with the Decorative Arts Museum the exhibition Wallpaperlab. After a first edition in 2006, A3P and the Decorative Arts have this year invited the creators Antoine + Manuel, Pierre Charpin, Florence Doléac, Ich & Kar, Maroussia Jannelle and Philippe Model.

Winner of the 2008 edition, the proposal Phosphowall Ich & Kar is a collection of wallpaper printed with a phosphorescent ink. After being exposed to natural or artificial light, the patterns of the wallpaper are reversed once the light is off. The stripes shine in the night, the wall changes its appearance and recomposes the space. The Phosphowall collection will be produced by Rash.

The projects will be exhibited at Museum of Decorative Arts 2 2008 from October to January 6 2009.

Source: Apartment Therapy

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