Moos, entre sanitaire et mobilier

Moss line blurs the boundaries between currents sanitaryware and bathroom furniture. Here the furniture disappears, sinks, basins and bidets are extended, connected to each other by small complementary pieces that serve as shelves, brackets or towel.

Edited by Italian manufacturer Axa, the Moss sanitaryware collection consists of a white ceramic basin, basin and bidet designed for wall mounting. 

If the sanitary lines are often the subject of formal gestures more or less successful from their creators, Moss collection is an exception. Indeed, she did not just surprise us by its contemporary design and its slender and elongated forms. The forms are in fact here is intimately related to the function. The curves are not simply the product of the aesthetic sense of their creator but suggest new uses, the linear composition to melt the furniture and sanitary elements into each other. Aesthetic and functional, all form a single continuum, riveted to the wall and inviting users and designers to think outside the traditional layout of the bathroom.

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Source: Trendir