Cities XL

Video game construction and urban management, "Cities XL" boasts a remarkable achievement and an astonishing wealth. Coming soon, it could well make new benchmark in the genre.

In line with the precursor "Sim City" Monte Cristo Multimedia 2006 offered in "City Life", his playing of construction and city management. Three years later, the studio is currently finalizing the development of a more complete and successful game, "City XL" which will be available in the third quarter 2009.

In "Cities XL", the goal is to create and develop a prosperous city and evolving. For this, it will imagine an attractive urban area, combining office areas and activities, accommodation and entertainment, to attract maximum population and thus increase tax revenues needed for urban growth.

To found his city, the player takes possession of a virgin expanse topography more or less complex and begins by building a modest town hall, a residential area and a business area generating jobs. During the game, it will be important to develop the city in a rational way, or risk seeing its people leave if their workplaces are too far from their homes, if the city is clogged with plugs or runs out local shops. It will therefore build but also to shave some buildings or equipment to optimize urban development, to ensure the ecological balance of the site as the proper functioning of industries

"Cities XL" will also offer the opportunity for players to build remarkable and famous buildings that will become springboards for urban development. Among them, Eiffel Tower, Cape Canaveral or some Olympic facilities.

Play in single, "Cities XL" also features an online multiplayer mode and a social site like Facebook through which players can communicate, interact and trade to develop their city.

"Cities XL" finally offers the ability to add extensions downloaded to increase and vary the experience and pleasure of the user.

Discover the Cities XL universe in video:

To learn more, visit the official site Cities XL.


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