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Since 1956, the company Olimpia Splendid is positioned as a leader in the fields of air conditioning, the heating, the Air treatment and Hydronic Systems. With unique and innovative products, and manufactured in Italy, the company has operations in more than 45 the world. Alliant, engineering, form and aesthetics, the Olimpia Splendid products are manufactured in a process minimizing their environmental impact.

Innovative, the company presents its latest creations:


A fan coil system designed by Ercoli & Garlandini. Completely flat, it provides air conditioning year round air conditioning, dehumidification, heating and filtration. With only 12,9 cm thick, it is available in a range that consists of 5 power models: SL smart 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000. Design by Ercoli & Garlandini.


This totally flat fan heater with Radiant Tube + radiant panel. This panel acts as a low temperature radiator, while the tangential fan ensures rapid heat and a uniform temperature. It embeds a patented technology that combines low temperature radiation of the radiant panel with self-controlled ventilation, for air distribution and very uniform temperature.

BI2 SL +

This product has been specially designed for domestic comfort, it allows up to 30% energy savings compared with traditional fan coil units. It houses a hydronic high efficiency battery that guarantees the energy to low temperature operation, and a DC inverter motor that regulates ventilation realizing 30% energy savings.


Designed by Dario Tanfoglio, this inverter fan radiator radiating plate allows air conditioning. Its panel behaves as a low-temperature radiator; its special tangential fan provides rapid heat and a uniform temperature.


Small, the fan coil "NANO" heats, cools and dehumidifies. Thanks to its special design, this poster Bi2 ultra compact size: only 12,9 cm thickness and height of 34,8 cm. It is designed for installations where it is impossible to place the unit on the wall: windows, siding continuous façades.


A model built on walls and ceiling, fan coil duct integrates directly into the frame of the building. It removes unnecessary clutter, and through its tangential technology, it provides air conditioning and a significant reduction in noise levels.

To learn more, visit the site ofOlimpia Splendid.

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