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In 2013, Dallmer revolutionises the shower channels by presenting the DallFlex intelligent drains body. This water evacuation system - guided on the surface - then marks a turning point in the bathrooms and washrooms. DallFlex considerably simplifies the cleaning of the shower channels, guaranteeing impeccable hygiene and offering optimal comfort.

Originality, elegance and tailor-made are today essential assets to the realization of bathrooms and bathrooms pleasant to live in everyday life. The DallFlex family meets these expectations because it reflects the perfect synergy between high quality materials, functionality and outstanding design. The key to success: the DallFlex drains - at the heart of this eponymous family of systems - compatible with all models of CeraFloor, CeraWall, Zentrix and CeraNiveau shower gutters. Result: Depending on the chosen shower channel, DallFlex adapts directly to the floor or wall and is positioned at 30, 65 or 90 mm.
All solid stainless steel shower gutters are available in a matt or polished finish as well as with an ultra-resistant PVD coating (maximum length 1200 mm) for the modern and trendy metallic colors anthracite, red gold and brass.
CeraFloor Select - a 6 shower channel mm thick - is therefore ideally suited for central and flush installations in both classic and metallic versions with boldness and sophistication.
CeraWall Select - a simple-to-use shower channel that highlights the power of its design in Italian showers - accentuates its expressiveness thanks to the metallic tones.
Zentrix and CeraNiveau - compact shower channels regularly implemented in the shower center - find a new graphic identity thanks to the nuances of metal.

With its removable anti-odor trap, the DallFlex family is easy to clean and ensures impeccable hygiene. The sealing flange closes on the drain body and once integrated into the composite seal, the system attests to a completely durable seal. Efficiency, flexibility and hygiene are thus put in renovation as in new sanitary spaces.
The DallFlex family adapts perfectly to the wishes of individuals and professionals in the hotel industry, fitness centers, etc. Thanks to the many choices of shapes, colors and lengths, the design and layout of a bathroom or shower room is imagined around more than a hundred possible combinations. An exceptional diversity for a demanding public.

Dallmer specializes in drainage systems from 1913. Now run by the fourth generation, the family business has been based in Arnsberg (near Dortmund, Germany) for over 100 years. In 1963, sanitary ware became the group's main industrial activity and Dallmer was able to establish itself as a key brand in the building and architecture sectors. The wide range of products combining design and high technological performance includes all types of drainage systems, shower channels (with gaskets and covers), urinals but also fire protection and soundproofing systems. . The fundamentals at Dallmer: materials of exceptional quality, optimal functionality and remarkable design.

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06) New metallic colors gold, red, anthracite and brass for shower channels