Marzais Création : Venus

Inspired by incandescent bulbs, Venus is a bedside lamp designed by French designer Jean-Paul Marzais. A luminaire with a simple and delicate geometry, whose inspirations draw their sources as much from industrial design as from refined materials.

If the mix of genres in design is no longer a novelty, and is at the heart of many objects and interior design, Marzais Creation decides to dig a little further this theme and presents a lighting to the both raw and elegant, as the name suggests: Venus. Associating a light bulb with visible filaments placed on a cylindrical support in matt black steel and a frame with rounded edges in shiny brass, Venus is located on the border of two worlds and confronts in a single object the aristocratic manufacturing spirit and gilding.

"I am sensitive to both fluid and organic lines as well as geometry. For an object to be convincing it must convey a thought, or it must be an expression of elegance and exceed its function by reflecting energy and joie de vivre. " Jean Paul Marzais, designer

This bulb lamp comes in two sizes: one vertical 420 millimeters high by 230 width, and another horizontal whose dimensions are the same but reversed. Accompanied by a black cable braided 1,80 meter long, it can be easily installed in any interior space.

A product whose licking aesthetic speaks for him.

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About Marzais Creation

Marzais Création is the studio designed by French designer Jean-Paul Marzais, where sober and refined creations are inscribed. The studio offers both furniture and decorative elements, all responding to the same desire for purification. Established in France, Spain and Canada, Jean-Paul Marzais' organic creations are an invitation to travel and serenity.

Venus is a laureate MIAWs 2018 in the category Lighting / Table Lamp.
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The choice of the editorial staff

Muuuz's writing is obviously seduced by Venus's unparalleled elegance, but also by his successful association of divergent inspirations. For all her reasons, Venus is awarded a Muuuz International Award 2018 in the category Lighting / Table Lamp.