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Because beautiful things do not always need to be hidden, USM launches USM Haller E, an open and bright storage cabinet. Thus, all those little everyday things that are usually piled up in our drawers become real museum objects exposed to everyone's eyes.

Dressing, dresser or bookcase, all configurations are possible with the range USM Haller created in 1963 by the architect Fritz Haller and the grandson of the creator of the metallurgical and locksmith company USB - whose acronym comes from the initials of its founder Ulrich Schärer and his hometown Münsingen - founded in 1855. Behind this invention, a very simple modular system made of tubular elements - available in lengths of 750, 500, 395, 350 250 and 175 millimeters -, and balls to be assembled as desired. By screwing the components together, it's up to you to create a chest of drawers, a chest of drawers, a bookcase, a console, a showcase or a sideboard; small, high, wide, narrow, or long; open, closed or compartmentalized by elements of glass and powder coated steel.
Thanks to the strength of its metal elements, USM Haller is therefore a long-term investment in timeless design; and yet, USM teams are far from resting on these laurels and perpetuate the tradition of innovation at the heart of the company's policy with USM Haller E. Thanks to this innovation, the steel bars can now be embellished with an integrated LED lighting where you will not see any wires passing. Indeed, the power of the light devices goes directly through the structure, without adding cables! And if you already have furniture from the USM Haller range, do not panic! Indeed, whatever the date at which it was manufactured, it can quite be combined with this new light function.

A single turn is enough to insert variable lighting - warm or cold light with adjustable intensity - and thus to transform the look of this versatile piece of furniture. In addition, thanks to the control sensors, the lights have the ability to trigger at the simple opening of the drawer.

In the interest of improvement and innovation ever greater, USM also plans to incorporate USB tips into the tubes to load its mobile devices in the furniture.

"And let there be light! "

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About USM

Since 1855, USM puts design and metal work in the spotlight. The Helvetian family business has built its reputation on the Haller system, which has quickly become its signature line, which the company has not hesitated to improve over time.

Haller E is a laureate MIAWs 2018 in the category Furniture / Storage cabinet.
More information on the MIAW website


The choice of the editorial staff

The scalability of USM allows it, in 2018, to be always competitive and contemporary. USM Haller E we prove it once again, which earned him a Muuuz International Award 2018 in the category Furniture / Storage cabinet.

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