Optimize your office acoustics with Rockfon Blanka® dB, a range of panels that adapts to multiple configurations and provides increased occupant comfort.

We often hear of bad sound insulation or poor workplace performance, but what does it really mean? Can noise levels really impact employee productivity or well-being? Many studies show that this is indeed the case. These explain that working in a noisy environment has negative effects on the concentration of employees, but also on their quality of work and their ability to retain information. As for their health, exposure to excessive noise can cause physical or psychological stress and, as a result, a decline in their work and an increased risk of absenteeism.
With this in mind, acoustic management must be prioritized and integrated into past, present and future construction and renovation projects to create and maintain a healthy and prosperous office culture.
Aware of the new acoustic challenges and with its acoustic expertise of more than 30 years, Rockfon has improved the performance of its dB range to suit the design and needs of today's offices. All Rockfon dB slabs share the same technology. This combines high performances in absorption and sound insulation. These two values ​​define the acoustic well-being of a room: absorption reduces echoes and controls the level of sound and sound insulation prevents noise from traveling and thus preserves privacy and privacy. With the Rockfon dB range, you do not have to compromise between either solution because it combines the two.

For total privacy, we have also developed a range of accessories compatible with our dB panels. Our noise-canceling products such as Rockfon® Rocklux® and our Rockfon® Soundstop ™ acoustic barriers are excellent solutions if you need to completely block the sound.
In addition to providing optimal acoustic well-being, Rockfon Blanka dB products are available in a wide range of edges and sizes for a free interior design and simple implementation. Its extra white, smooth and matt surface is elegant and luminous. Thanks to it and its reflection in the light of 87%, the diffusion of the natural light is clearly improved and contributes to the comfort of the users. The surface of Rockfon Blanka has been designed so that its whiteness persists because it resists dust and handling, making it a product with a long life cycle.

A subsidiary of the Danish group Rockwool, Rockfon® is a major player in the supply of ceilings and acoustic wall panels in rockwool and metal. Rockfon® offers aesthetic, high-performance, durable, cost-effective and studied solutions to provide each space with a safe and healthy indoor environment. The acquisition of Chicago Metallic® has also allowed it to expand its range to include complete ceiling systems (panels and suspension systems). The products are manufactured in Europe, North America and Asia, and are marketed worldwide through subsidiaries and a network of distributors.

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Commercial contact :
Mr. Benoni Hebert
Such. : +33 6 07 42 55 60
This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

01) Sundkvartalet office complex in Oslo (Norway) with Rockfon Blanka dB 43 solution - Edge A
02) The solution Rockfon Blanka dB - D / AEX edge has been chosen for the new headquarters of BNL-BNP PARIBAS
03) These offices of 700 square meters located in Aarhus (Denmark) are equipped with the solution Rockfon Blanka - Edge Z
04) Rockfon Blanka - Edge X solution equips Mærsk Amerika Plads offices in Copenhagen (Denmark)
05) Sundkvartalet in Oslo (Norway) uses Rockfon Blanka dB 43 solution - Edge A
06) Rockfon Blanka - Edge D dresses the 2 000 square meters of the Danish seat of the Tiger brand

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