6643-miaw2018-materials-glimakra-of-sweden-limbusbarn-fences-accueil-logo-bdImagine the calm of the great Scandinavian snow-covered plains in your open-space. A utopia made possible by the collection of acoustic partitions LimbusBarn & Fences signed by Glimakra of Sweden. Or when the sleek Nordic design meets the tranquility and comfort.

Designed by Swedish designer Johan Kauppi, the range LimbusBarn & Fences comprises acoustic walls and pavilions intended to improve and delimit the common spaces in tertiary environment. No more questions to hear his colleague's telephone conversations or improvised meeting a few posts away: thanks to this collection, open shelf and intimacy are now paired.

Inspired by the winter expanses of the Nordic countryside, the ensemble is made up of LimbusBarn, a stylized ash wood farmhouse and acoustic panels that can accommodate one or two desktops (x) and that functions as an autonomous bubble of tranquility; and Fences, fences whose acoustic fabric coating can absorb noise and thus create a pleasant working environment. Both elements are made from a white metal structure on which wooden panels are arranged horizontally, thus recalling the vernacular architecture of the Scandinavian barns.

Sober achievements that call for calm and serenity at work.

More information on the site of Glimakra of Sweden

About Glimakra of Sweden

Since 1948, Glimakra of Sweden highlights Swedish craftsmanship in eclectic creations. Ranging from the manufacture of looms to acoustic solutions through customized windows, the company touches-all, always with great care given to the quality and aesthetics of its products.

LimbusBarn & Fences is winner of MIAWs 2018 in the category Facilities / Acoustic partition
More information on the MIAW website

The choice of the editorial staff

Elegant and functional, the collection LimbusBarn & Fences from Glimakra of Sweden has attracted the attention of the editorial staff of Muuuz who salutes its Scandinavian aesthetic and affirmed its search for comfort in the tertiary sector of a Muuuz International Award 2018 in the category Facilities / Acoustic partition.

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