6646-miaw2018-materials-dibi-group-di-big-accueil-logo-bdWho says home sweet home, said home in which one feels safe. A concept at the heart of the work of the Italian company Di.Bi, which combines contemporary design and reliability with Di.Big, a pivoted armored entrance door suitable for large openings. What invite your guests to penetrate with elegance in your sanctuary.

Designed to meet a homeowner safety need, Di.Big is a pivot door whose width varies from 110 to 170 centimeters and the height from 210 to 270 centimeters. Classified anti-rapist (4 level), has double side bolts placed on both sides of the leaf, at the lock and hinges, and arises in tunnel.

Beyond safety performance, Di.Big is also a high-quality product with an elegant design that blends in with contemporary homes, whatever the layout. Indeed, thanks to its multiple coating options - gloss or matt lacquered, decorative wood or "laminam porcelain", imitating the effects of marble - the door adapts to the tastes of the host without problem.

Thanks to its thermal and acoustic properties as well as its tightness and resistance to wind pressure, the opening is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Like what, security does not prevent charm!

More information on the website of Di.Bi

About Di.Bi

Created in 1976, the Italian company Di.Bi is specialized in high protection openings. As powerful in the world of the door and the window, the brand is in perpetual search for technology and innovation without ever forgetting to look after the aesthetics and finishes of its products.

Di.Big is a laureate of MIAWs 2018 in the category Facilities / Door.
More information on the MIAW website

The choice of the editorial staff

The marriage of contemporary design and the safety of Di.Big has seduced the editorial Muuuz rewarding this product of a Muuuz International Award 2018.

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