6590-miaw2018-materials-betteloft-bette-accueil-logo-bdThe company Bette, leader in the world of luxury bathroom, true to its line of conduct, proposes to beautify your water spaces with its new ranges BetteLoft et Bette Loft Ornament. Two collections composed of a bath and a washbasin whose clean and refined lines draw their inspiration from the aesthetics of New York lofts.

"Two rooms, two atmospheres". An expression that the German brand and the French design office Tesseraux & Partenaires seem to have taken literally for the design of BetteLoft & BetteLoft Ornamely. The first range includes a classic built-in bathtub and basin, also built-in, matching. Available in three sizes (170 x 80 centimeters, 180 x 80 centimeters and 190 x 90 centimeters), it is made of titanium steel vitrified, giving it a refined minimalist appearance. Embellished with a basin of 80 centimeters wide, the set has something to delight lovers of design and high-end interiors.

"BetteLoft and BetteLoft Ornament contribute to the architectural renewal of the bathroom. They are a source of inspiration for original and exciting installations. " Bette

Bette Loft Ornament It is organized around an island bath 181 by 81 centimeters also made of vitreous titanium steel, equipped in addition to a geometric apron composed of six integrated relief strips without any apparent joints. A second faceted original skin that effortlessly boosts a bathroom, and comes with an equally graphic wall-mounted washbasin made from the same materials. With finesse in simplicity, the furniture is declined to infinity thanks to many possibilities of customization.

Innovative silhouettes in which one dreams to be poured a good hot bath.

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About Bette
Bette is a German family-owned company founded in 1952, specializing in high-end enamelled steel-titanium alloy bathroom components. The brand is constantly looking for innovation, for example by designing the first independent wireless bath and the first floor-mounted shower.

BetteLoft and BetteLoft Ornament are laureates MIAWs 2018 in the category Bathrooms and sanitary facilities / Bath.
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The choice of the editorial staff
The refined design and the refined minimalism of the products BetteLoft et BetteLoft Ornament give these ranges an unrivaled look, more than ever in the air. Reasons that have not left the editorial Muuuz insensitive, and who thus rewards a Muuuz International Award in the category Bathrooms and sanitary facilities / Bath.

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