6638-miaw2018-materials-throne-icone-01-accueil-logo-bdOur toilets only have to go get dressed: 01 ICON, brand Trone, arrives on the sanitary market. A fanfare for this product Made in France launched on the occasion of the inauguration of the restaurant la Felicità 25 May 2018, installed in the famous Station F in Paris (13e), huge incubator of 4 500 square meters start-ups. A "wind" of freshness for a product little reinvented since its appearance in the XVIIIe century.

Here is an object that was thought deprived of design: the toilet. And yet, the one we use daily, about 2 500 times a year, at the rate of 6 8 times a day, has not renewed much, both from the point of view of form and aesthetics since its invention in 1775. "Why not pay the same attention to the toilets as in your kitchen or living room, when you spend an average of one year of your life there? ", thus question the founders of this innovative brand soberly titled Trone. So it was time to bring back some beauty in what is more than a technical piece; a place of ease! For this it was necessary to wait until a young multidisciplinary French team launches with great fanfare 01 ICON, a device with customizable seat in spraying or soaking glazed ceramics, ash bezel (stained or lacquered), chromed brass anti-rust hinge and tapered water tank in tempered glass. Components only made in France. On each flush, after pressing one of the two release buttons (3 and 6 liters) positioned on a metal cap, the user sees the water down then up. Finally an emptying assumed!

"The initial idea was to make this object desirable, identifying and differentiating. Break taboos to make toilets an object of lust, an object that looks like us, that we want to buy, that we want to show. " Throne

A collection that proudly opposes the standardization of our dear throne, with three ranges offered to all those who wish that the most intimate room of the whole house does not resemble any other: united - in white, red, pink and blue -, original - blue variegated, blue or red speckled, flaking clay, green shagreen, two-tone blue / white or white / clay - and tailor-made - bowl, bezel and caps customizable. And finally a podium at the size of our august gluteus!

This, the group of Big Mamma restoration understood it well in his last born: Felicità, where he installs eight unique water closets. Personalized and appointed cabinets! Thus, under the vaults of Station F, where are also the offices the company, we do not go to a small corner - hide this little corner that can not be seen - no, we come here to see The coronationCarrara Statuario marble-covered cabin with halo of a luminous ribbon, or Rainbowwhose glass walls reflect multicolored neon partitions. Those who prefer a country atmosphere, can choose the lodge Campaigns, with its paving stones and climbing vegetation; the souls of artists will go to admire Anamorphosis which, as its name indicates, plays with the visual perspectives; while the more intrepid will experiment Origins and its pink deformed walls.

With Trone, it's a coronation that awaits you. Scepter in hand, you will be the king of the world!

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About Trone
This French brand was created by four partners with complementary backgrounds and know-how: Hugo Volpei, founder and CEO; Romain Freychet and Antoine Prax, artistic directors; and Camille Mourgues, mechanical engineer. Their ludicrous idea of ​​putting desire back into the heart of a space that had not been reinvented since 1775 allowed them to break through the doors of the world's largest start-up incubator: Station F, where they also installed eight copies of01 ICON, in the restaurant Felicità.

ICONE 01 is the winner MIAWs 2018 in the category Bathrooms and toilets / WC.
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The choice of the editorial staff

The originality and the extreme care taken with the design of the product made of01 ICON, the undisputed winner - and perhaps undeniable? - in the category Bathrooms and Sanitary / WC of the Muuuz International Award 2018.

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