Specialized in the distribution of solid wood slatted slat panels, the Normandy company Laudescher recently teamed up with the design studio Woodlabo. Together, they use the latest machines from the family company to imagine a collection full of relief and texture: Linea 3D.

Become a staple of contemporary architecture for their aesthetic qualities and acoustic properties, panels of openwork wood slats were on the verge of falling into the common place. It was without counting on the technological innovations of the company Laudescher, which has developed machines to cut the cleats differently, offering hollow and other curves. "These parts were previously unrealizable in large series", explains Delphine Oréal, sales director. An opening of the field of possibilities exploited - and sublimated - by Gaël Wuithier, Benoît Beaupuy and Samuel Accoceberry of Woodlabo.

For Laudescher, the trio imagines three different products, PIX, EDGE and SCALE. With PIX, “We played with the pixel, but also with the contrast between it, which is lighter, and the rest of the dark colored panel. On SCALE, we have combined a hollow with a volume, in order to maximize the play of shadow and thus hang the light differently until the light vibrates ”, tells the collective of designers and carpenters. For EDGE, finally, they imagine slats whose faces are partially bevelled, "For a rather delicate, almost sensual result".

In keeping with the brand's habits, each product is available in different finishes and can be tailored to the particular needs of the project and the company. Enough to awaken walls and ceilings by giving them more texture and vibrations ...

To learn more, visit the site Woodlabo et from Laudescher 

Photographs: Laudescher and Alfred Cromback (details)

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