Developed with the help of Danish architects and installers, the new CUPACLAD® slate cladding systems by CUPA PIZARRAS revolutionized the laying of natural slate on the façade. The new fixing systems and the efficiency of the ventilated facade make CUPACLAD® a durable and competitive alternative for any type of facade.

CUPACLAD® is a set of complete slate systems for facade cladding. The research and innovation laboratory Cupa Pizarras translates in a modern and elegant way the wish expressed by the designers of the architecture of tomorrow. Slate, for its material, its color and its timelessness, represents a material of first rank to envelop the facade.

Designed from a natural stone, CUPACLAD solutions® meet all the constraints and technical requirements envisaged by the current standards for future constructions. Timeless, light and easy to install, they adapt to all architectures, in nine, as in renovation.
Natural slate is the guarantee of a material guaranteed without change of appearance for more than a century. No painting or maintenance is to be expected.

The traditional slate laying vertically has been redesigned to become easier. This technical ease and time saving make it an ideal opportunity for outdoor thermal insulation sites. Thanks to CUPACLAD solutions®, horizontal laying of slate is now possible. A wide range of possibilities opens up and the facade is part of a new era of design. For this horizontal installation, specific patented fasteners have been developed by our engineers.

Slate is a natural stone that is offered to us by nature. Unlike other prefabricated materials, no substance or product is added during slate exfoliation. No additional treatment is needed before, during and after implementation.
For generations, the cleavage of slate is the simple result of a craftsman's gesture: all slates CUPACLAD® are indeed split, one by one, by hand.

CUPA PIZARRAS is a Spanish company specialized in natural slate. Since 1892, it produces a wide range of slate for roofs and facades. 98% of their production is exported to all five continents and the company has direct commercial establishments in France, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States and Belgium.

To learn more, visit CUPA PIZARRAS website

Photographs: DR

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