Ecophon offers architects sound absorption solutions that create indoor environments in aquatic centers that are close to what we experience in nature.

For hundreds of thousands of years, our hearing has evolved to adapt perfectly to an outdoor environment, in the middle of nature. The reason why a noisy pool can quickly become tiring and uncomfortable. For some, the experience is even unbearable.

These environments are also places of work. Swimming coaches must be able to communicate with their students, and lifeguards must be able to quickly identify calls for help or serious incidents.

A sound sound environment, when properly designed, provides increased safety, improved well-being and visitor satisfaction, improved employee comfort and better communication.

To create a space with all these benefits, it is important to consider all activities, people involved and the design of the space itself. That's what Ecophon calls Acoustic Design for Activities, whether it's recreation, learning, relaxation or care and physiotherapy.

Solutions that resist direct projections of water

The new range of Ecophon products for pools and water parks includes wall-to-wall acoustic ceilings, floating islands and wall panels. Each product in this range has been extensively tested, compliant with current ISO standards, and even more demanding.

All products, surfaces and mounting accessories are:
- Water resistant - insensitive to direct water projections
- Corrosion resistant - C4 frameworks tested under extreme conditions
- Chloride-resistant - tested in environments with high chlorine concentration
- Highly resistant to moisture - ISO certification for relative humidity from 95% to 30 ° C

The Ecophon package

Ecophon offers several acoustic solutions that meet all the requirements of common pools and showers. The contractor may choose and combine wall-to-wall ceilings, absorbent wall panels and floating islands. Ecophon still offers acoustic solutions adapted to reception, circulation, changing rooms and catering areas of this type of establishment.

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