Specialist in solutions for different openings, this time KLEIN® offers frameless glass partition systems and sliding doors to design convertible and versatile office spaces that boost the well-being and productivity of employees. What to combine comfort, intimacy and elegance!

Well-being at work has become one of the main expectations of employees and the presence of natural light and the adequate layout of spaces increase their productivity. A statement that has not escaped the Spanish company KLEIN® which imagines solutions to improve the comfort and motivation of employees in the tertiary sector.

Glass, in the form of partitions and sliding doors, allows a dynamic rearrangement of the space while modernizing it. It optimizes the diffusion of natural light, key in the perception of well-being.
Sliding frameless glass partitions divide or merge spaces as needed. The types of openings and accesses chosen make the spatial configuration flexible. Proof of this is with their latest products, Rollglass + and FRONT.

ROLLGLASS +, system for sliding and fixed partitions in the same rail, installed on a false ceiling, makes itself absolutely invisible. Its implementation is particularly easy thanks to its specially designed rail to be recessed: it avoids bleeding into the plasterboard and ensures an absolute architectural integration. Rollglass + can also be applied to the ceiling. It offers a linear opening or corner access.

FRONT combines the warmth of wood with the modernity of glass and complies with new and spectacular office spaces. This sliding system combines fixed glass partitions with sliding wooden panels. Its LIGNEA version ensures particularly tidy T and L glass junctions. Play with the tone of the finishes, the essence of the wood and the size of the panels to ensure an extremely qualitative and personalized rendering. FRONT can be embedded in false ceilings or installed on the wall.

Rollglass + and FRONT incorporate the KSC-Klein Soft Closing braking system. The set is certified tested at 100.000 cycles by ift-Rosenheim.

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Photographs: KLEIN®

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