7273 design muuuz archidesignclub magazine architecture interior decoration art house design rondcarre staircase rondcarre logoInstalling a staircase at home is not always easy. Lack of space or massive structure, difficult to optimize the ergonomics of his home with this kind of addition. A problem that the Rondcarré brand tries to solve thanks to tailor-made steel stairs that adapt to multiple layouts. Beyond its contemporary design, the staircase comes in three forms to suit all interiors, from the old family building to the new individual housing.

The Rondcarré range of stairs is the result of the development of the CarréFrappé integrated rivet system, developed by craftsmen from the company. As ecological as it is economical, this patented innovation allows you to optimize the assembly to assemble each staircase yourself without welding or electricity. Production costs and prices are falling, while quality remains the same.

The most of the Rondcarré stairs is their tailor-made design. The three proposed shapes - straight, turning, quarter turning - and manufacturing on demand ensure that each product adapts to the space in which it fits. The staircase according to Rondcarré is at the same time design, accessible and functional.

About Rondcarré
Founded by Benoit Devrieux and Cyrille Mazet, two ironwork craftsmen, the Rondcarré company is composed of a team of experts with complementary skills. Bruno Lefebvre, industrial designer, Maud Laronze, architect, and David Armand and Arnaud Pierre, two computer engineers, are working hand in hand to develop design stairs adapted to today's lifestyles.

To learn more, visit the Rondcarré site

Photographs: Rondcarré

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