7276 design muuuz archidesignclub magazine architecture interior decoration art house design rieder terrazzo black logoSince 1958, the family business Rieder has specialized in the manufacture of concrete products, before becoming a leader in the sector. With its latest novelty concrete skin terrazzo black, fiberglass reinforced concrete facade panels, Rieder refreshes the terrazzo. A trend, here declined in concrete, which infuses a graphic spirit with all kinds of architectures.

To attract a clientele of architects and esthetes, the Rieder brand is constantly reinventing itself. Working on textures and scales, Rieder often lends itself to the game of experimentation. The signs concrete skin terrazzo black, for example, offer facades a creative textured rendering.

Terrazzo black is a special texture designed for facade panels FiberC concrete skin by Rieder. Remarkable products of the brand, these panels guarantee high resistance to fire and water, thermal stability and a longevity of more than fifty years. Plates made of glass fiber reinforced concrete, concrete skin terrazzo black, with a thickness of only thirteen millimeters, come in several formats, which are larger than those usually used, to suit any type of building.

The discreet terrazzo pattern, meanwhile, gives a speckled appearance and an original color to the product. The dark shades of the granules, which contrast particularly with the light shades, gives the surface its eminently graphic style. The terrazzo effect is also available for all colors in the range, offering a wide range of colors to interested architects.

An original product that continues to conquer the architectural sphere.

About Rieder
The Rieder company, well established in the concrete sector since 1958, includes different branches respectively specialized in the production of concrete for structural work, the manufacture of prefabricated parts and the manufacture of architectural elements.

To learn more, visit the Rieder site

Photographs: Rieder


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