7275 design muuuz archidesignclub magazine architecture interior decoration art house design zumi lighting copter 3f logoThe young start-up ZUMI, specializing in the design and production of LED luminaires and versatile acoustic solutions, has taken up the challenge of offering attractive and contemporary lighting solutions. Combining futuristic lines and technological innovation, ZUMI imagined a cutting-edge model called Copter 3F.

As part of a permanent search for innovation, Copter 3F is a rotating luminaire, available in white or black, which incorporates an opal diffuser. Copter 3F is very flexible and consists of linear LEDs, the color temperature can be changed via Tunable White or PI-LED and is also available in monochromatic light. With the Spacer option, the lighting modules can intersect.

The product can therefore be adapted to different interiors, from offices to shops and private homes in a dimmable or non-dimmable version.

Copter 3F is not limited to its primary function, but combines a minimalist aesthetic with advanced technology. The result is an airy and discreet luminaire with multiple light effects, which gives the lit rooms an appropriate atmosphere. A contemporary light, as technical as it is sophisticated.

About Zumi
Always on the lookout for the latest trends in innovation, the Belgian manufacturer ZUMI has made a name for itself in the lighting sector since its foundation in 2016, thanks to the use of advanced technologies. Directed by its founder Tony Decavele, the company continues to develop technical and design lighting, often in combination with acoustic solutions.

To learn more, visit Zumi's site

Photographs: Zumi

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