Developed by the French brand Dickson Constant, the SWK6 fabric has everything the ideal textile: acoustic, durable, aesthetic, and robust, it allows up to 100% sound absorption in many common spaces and is customizable from A to Z, allowing its owners to appropriate it down to the smallest details. Zoom on a product with remarkable technicality and style!

For its designers, the main objective of the SWK6 fabric was to ensure high-quality acoustic comfort. They therefore worked on different aspects related to sound and thus guaranteed a product ensuring a reduction of reverberation, an absorption at each frequency and, more generally, a sound correction as close as possible to perfection.
In addition, the canvas is suitable for high-traffic environments and is not afraid of tears or variations in humidity and temperature.

But just relying on the technical side of the product was not an option for Dickson Constant's design teams. Thus, the canvas, available in two widths of 150 cm and 300 cm - ensuring a uniform layout - is printable and infinitely available. Requiring no specific maintenance, SWK6 can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

A blank canvas that corresponds to any type of textile architecture.

About Dickson
As a jewel of the textile industry, Dickson is now recognized worldwide as the reference in outdoor fabrics. Its products are solicited by the biggest names in design and architecture. Driven by the Group's growth, innovation allows Dickson to diversify its offering by offering a wide range of technical textiles designed for home improvement solutions.

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