With its new Collection & Services 2020-22, EGGER is evolving its palette of plain decors and giving pride of place to bright colors. Painting is no longer the only field to be able to use this trend, the boldness of bright colors also sets the world of furniture and interior design ablaze.

In recent years the Scandinavian style, advocating pastel colors, and the industrial style, combining dark colors and raw materials, reigned supreme in the world of interior decoration. Forget the sunny yellow or the vitamin orange! At least for a while, because today, the bright and flamboyant colors come back to the front of the stage, by touches for a pop style or for an entire piece of monochrome style. It is in this spirit that the market leader in particle board has favored the bright colors that catch the eye.

Green and blue have always imposed themselves in terms of interior design and furnishings, and this in many rooms of the house, thanks to their multiple shades: an intense turquoise blue to invite an escape to a ice blue for a touch of menthol freshness, green is not to be outdone if you opt for a natural interior thanks to a spring green or an apple green for a more gourmet note. Yellow is positioning itself as revolutionizing our interiors and becomes essential when it comes to lighting up a room, just like orange, a bright color par excellence, leaving no one indifferent, but which undeniably brings warmth and cheerfulness to spaces. Finally, pink is no longer reserved for little girls' rooms and gives other rooms in the house elegance and originality.

Thanks to a new 100% coordinated Collection & Services, Egger wishes to promote personalization and create ever more emotion by offering a complete range of plain, wood and material decors.

Founded in 1961, Egger is the market leader in wood-based panels and decorative laminates. Egger, headquartered in Saint Johann in Tirol (Austria) is a family business and employs around 9900 people at 19 production sites, including two in France (in the Landes and Vosges).

To learn more, visit the Egger site.

Photographs: Egger


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