Barrisol Normalu® is the world leader in stretch ceilings. Barrisol Normalu® combines tradition, innovation and technology to offer you the best solutions for your walls and ceilings: acoustic, luminous, printed, 3D and air-conditioned.

All Barrisol Normalu® product ranges are A + classified and comply with the most stringent European and international standards regarding fire safety. These products contribute to respect for the environment by being 100% recyclable and certified Origine France Garantie. Since the creation of the company, more than 50 years ago, Barrisol Normalu® filed more than 100 patents, received more than 50 awards in many countries.

Barrisol Clim®, for healthy air and optimal comfort, is a cold / hot air conditioning system - Thermal comfort AAA cold and AAA hot according to ISO 7730 - through the ceiling, invisible, silent and homogeneous. It can be bright, acoustic and printed. Barrisol Clim® is also air disinfection by UV sterilization which destroys up to 99,9% of germs, bacteria and viruses. It is made from 70% recycled materials. Both the Biossourcée® fabric and the aluminum structure are also 100% recyclable. Barrisol Clim® is therefore ideal for private and public places (offices, schools, airports, etc.).

Barrisol Clim® has been awarded several times: the company received the Janus de l'Industrie 2017 (France), the Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 (Dubai) as part of a partnership with "The Baitykool project" for its invisible, silent and homogeneous air conditioning (1st place in Sustainable Development and 1st place in Energy Efficiency), and AIT, Special Jury Prize 2020 (Germany).

Bulthaup Koln Barrisol Clim® offices
Bulthaup has chosen Barrisol Clim® for its offices. Thus, they are heated, air conditioned and ventilated in total silence and without perceptible drafts. The Barrisol Clim® system offers unparalleled comfort to employees, enveloped in a pleasant and soft sensation of freshness or warmth providing optimal well-being. In summer as in winter, the air conditioning flow touches the exterior walls. The unpleasant phenomena of hot or cold walls disappear. A natural air movement is created in the volume of the room, at very slow, almost imperceptible speeds. It allows you to get rid of all the unsightly systems and free up all the space in your rooms.

Kindergarten and Wantzenau college adorn their Arcolis® Barrisol® frame ceilings
The architectural firm DRLW called on Barrisol Normalu® teams for the classrooms of the nursery school and the Wantzenau college. Each classroom has been personalized with a specific color and adapted photos (Print your Mind®) according to the age of the students. In kindergarten classrooms, there are printed images of origami animals. In primary class, three images representing the past (pencil case), the future (robot) and nature (landscapes) decorate the rooms. This personalization accompanies the concept of Mr. Dietschy, who wants the students, looking at the frames, to think about history and the future while respecting nature. With its Arcolis® acoustic decorative frames, the Barrisol® solution offers both students and teachers optimal working comfort with a performance up to aw: 1.0. These decorations make you want to go to school. The formats of Arcolis® acoustic panels and baffles are offered to you to infinity. They adapt to all places or supports and are adorned with an exceptional choice of millions of colors. Customizable at will with your logo, text or visual, Arcolis® frames become vectors of communication, image and well-being. You can provide us with your visuals for your tailor-made project.

With its innovative products, Barrisol Normalu® brings you well-being and creativity.

To learn more, visit the Barrisol Normalu® site.

Visuals: 1-4) Wantzenau School - Architect: DRLW
5-9) Bulthaup Koln Barrisol Clim® offices - Realization: Barrisol® Wieler Raumkonzepte


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