Always keen to integrate the subtleties of the societal environment into its action, the CNDB, like the players in the French forest-wood industry, is particularly attentive to the developments shaping the world of tomorrow. Focus on his collaboration with Nelly Rodi.

The CNDB engages in constant dialogue with professionals from various fields of expertise to consolidate its trajectory and anticipate the framework in which the players in the sector and the wood industry are progressing. In order to bring out coherent and efficient strategic lines, it is, as such, essential to question the use that the individual will make of wood, what relationship will he have with it, how each will insert the material into his habitat. In order to draw the first lines of answers on emerging trends relating to wood, the CNDB called on the inspiring skills of Vincent Grégoire, trend hunter from the strategy consulting agency Nelly Rodi.

Based on social listening and a keen eye on society, Vincent Grégoire offers a relevant macroanalysis suggesting four major “sociostyles”. From resistance to quest through resilience in 2021, four major postures are emerging: revenge, rallying, regeneration and repair. The identification of these four major postures gives a glimpse of the detailed profile of the major families of consumers and, in fact, of their differentiated approach to wood in the home. “There is no trend, there are woods! It is a state of mind. It would be restrictive to confine ourselves to a socio-professional categorization, our approach is nourished by all the values ​​constituting the spectrum of our society to bring out a backbone of behaviors and the audiences associated with it ”, explains Vincent Grégoire. .

Behind the posture of revenge unashamedly assert themselves kiffers. After months of frustrations related to the health context, fans are looking for a new normal in which they can express themselves freely. Like them, the house of kiffers sees itself as a place of exuberant freedom inviting inspiration. The wood here becomes fancy, augmented and connected. The year 2021 is indeed the year of resilience, if the kiffers are excited and let go without restraint, others are opting for a rallying posture. Indeed, their development requires the offensive expression of their independence. Disruptive position, displayed independence, their house is a refuge that stands out for its comfort and serenity. A case combining protection, technicality and ostentatious elements, the wood material is then displayed sublimated, burnt, petrified. The “enhancers”, for their part, undoubtedly tend to regenerate themselves through their positive actions towards the environment. Moderate ecological affirmation, followers of CSR, they merge nature with technology to find optimal and sustainable solutions in their habitat. Well-being and benevolence, the cocoon house of the technophile ecologist is adorned with natural and biobased materials.

The most philanthropic sociostyle is the “repairer”. Anchored in his immediate environment and ambassador of short circuits, he defines himself as the new generation hippie: he uses, diverts, combines and recycles the materials at his disposal. Uncomplicated and committed to collaboration, the “repairer” sets up a modular habitat made up of heterogeneous materials. A true educational picture of the reusability and the wealth of local craftsmanship, the “repairer” house exhibits wood material in all its forms: recycled, broken, re-glued, etc.

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Visuals: © Jérôme Basset, Julien Lanoo_PNCB2020, Agence Karawitz / CNDB


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