Building on its long experience, Interface®, world leader in the production of eco-responsible modular flooring, has just launched its latest collection of carpet tiles: NY + LON Streets ™. This is associated with CQuest ™ Bio, a new underlay based on materials with a negative carbon footprint. Zoom on a product with great technicality and remarkable design!

Interface® invests in innovation and relies on materials science to transform its manufacturing process into an environmentally friendly mode of production. PVC-free and bitumen-free, the revolutionary CQuest ™ Bio underlayment is made from a biocomposite of renewable plant materials and recycled fillers, clearly illustrating the company's desire to reduce its carbon footprint.

Today, Interface® aims to innovate in its textile products and to work to reduce the carbon footprint of its LVT tiles and rubber products. The creation of the CQuest ™ Bio underlay is in line with this logic and constitutes a major step in the “Climate Take Back” commitment led by the company: it required the incorporation of new bio-sourced elements and more recycled raw materials. These new materials, independently evaluated, have a net negative carbon footprint, which decreases the total carbon footprint of the product.

By imagining the CQuest ™ Bio underlay, the company has created a range that is as aesthetic as it is durable.

About Interface®
Created in 1973 by Ray Anderson, Interface® today offers innovative solutions for eco-responsible modular flooring. In addition to its know-how, the reputation of the company also resides in its ecological commitment and its quality of service. Today with an international presence, Interface® helps its customers to create unique interiors that promote well-being, productivity and creativity, as well as respect for the environment.

The choice of the editorial staff
CQuest ™ Bio is a product that is both decorative and durable, which has earned it recognition by the Muuuz editorial staff and receiving a Muuuz International Award 2020 in the category "Eco-friendly fittings, materials, coverings / floor coverings" .

To learn more, visit the Interface® website.

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