Ritmonio creates exclusive products, authentically made in Italy, able to meet the functional requirements of customers while respecting the environment.

In the contemporary bathroom furniture sector, Ritmonio stands out as a point of reference for architects, designers and the end user.

To highlight the freedom of composition and meet the different requirements of interior design, the factory presents ELEMENTA: a unique collection of accessories designed to allow everyone to create "tailor-made" environments and to create in first person new means to enrich the spaces of the house.

Available in 19 different finishes and materials, including stainless steel with its purity and acrylic stone with its versatility, the accessories consist of modules of different sizes and lengths, which can be assembled to your liking or on the basis of requirements. functional aesthetics.

Dynamic and modifiable, in their minimalism the individual elements can be combined with each other in a set of fittings and shapes, to give life to unique combinations and numerous types of accessories. For example, the hook modules combined with the accessory bar convert into practical towel rails. These, together with acrylic stone shelves - solid or perforated, available in different sizes - allow you to create personalized accessories to coordinate or mix to give life to a bathroom "made to measure" to your wishes. 

We can therefore give life to original and personalized combinations, giving life to coordinated spaces that respect the characteristics of the architecture and the style of the environments: from the traditional shelf for objects to specific elements such as doors - soap or toothbrush holder, for a bathroom that leads to a concept of extreme personalization, always in accordance with the tastes and requirements of those who live it.

Versatility that highlights eclecticism and "couture", the link between all of the factory's offer: compatible with all Ritmonio tap series, either for the finishes or for the design, ELEMENTA brings countless scenarios and possible configurations to life.

Thanks to innovative and functional elements, and to the total dimensional adaptability of ELEMENTA, the "Made in Ritmonio" bathroom is based on a minimal and original design, which designates spaces with personality and refinement, where experimentation becomes concrete .

A revolutionary bathroom design concept, which allows you to completely re-read the place of well-being: the taps and accessories are no longer just details, but they become the real protagonists of the projects, giving the user an experience where the emotional component is essential.


Ritmonio is a company with two souls: the Factory division, dedicated for more than 70 years to the production of safety valves and components in brass, copper, aluminum and stainless steel, and the Bath & Shower division, which deals with the design of designer fittings and accessories for the bathroom. Combining artisanal attention, aesthetic research and production skills, Ritmonio creates exclusive products, authentically made in Italy, able to meet the functional requirements of customers while respecting the environment.

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