Andreas Lund has designed a series of flat-packed chairs for Bolia with separable pieces, a reference to Danish furniture design traditions.

When you approach the Stay chair, the essential beauty of the wood that composes it is obvious. This natural material par excellence, combined with a robust, separable and durable construction, guarantees these seats a long service life. Bolia now presents the Stay chairs, designed by Danish designer Andreas Lund. Their classic touch comes as much from their elementary structure as from their natural wood material, which also gives them a deeply sustainable dimension. “I would say the shape of the seat, and the way it is wrapped around the legs, is the most important part of the chair. Stay has a soft character, its construction is transparent, which makes its expression fully honest, ”says Andreas Lund. In oak wood, Stay is very Scandinavian in its appearance. Its natural material is enhanced by a work inspired by the old traditional Scandinavian carpentry: “Woodworking has always accompanied the human being. Carpentry therefore gives people a feeling of calm and security. The chair is made from this single material, which gives it harmony and homogeneity, ”continues the designer. Stay is also distinguished by its sustainable approach. Each chair is made from FSC® certified wood, assembled with just four screws and shipped flat, reducing emissions during transport. Its parts can also be replaced and recycled over time, allowing it to last for years, while demonstrating the lasting ambitions of the Bolia brand.

Behind each of the creations of Danish designer Andreas Lund are the following values: to create a timeless and constant design, in a modern and innovative Scandinavian spirit; and constantly take into account the environmental impact of the product. Andreas Lund graduated from the Danish School of Art in 2000. He now runs his own studio, while working as a teacher at the Danish Art School and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.


About Bolia: is a design company with 66 stores in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and France, as well as online stores in 32 countries Europeans. Bolia also works with more than 600 resellers in more than 50 countries around the world, and has forged a strategic partnership with the American company Steelcase Ltd. for sales in the global professional market. The Bolia design collective is made up of over 30 international designers who all share a passion for New Scandinavian Design and sustainable creations.


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