The recent remarkable appearance of the rimless toilet had created astonishment barely 10 years ago!

The toilet, made of sanitary ceramic is constantly being the subject of research to provide ever more comfort, hygiene, well-being, design while contributing to the control of water consumption and protection. sanitary. Also listed among the most High Tech “must have”, it has appeared on the home control market with the concept of the contactless controllable shower toilet. 

The recent rimless bowl design features smooth walls, so water is efficiently distributed under pressure optimizes rinsing and limits the need for cleaning products. All ceramic sanitary ware has a surface treatment that promotes maintenance and the elimination of bacteria.

Hidden fixing for aesthetics, soft closing of the flap to slow down its descent and reduce noise pollution. The technique is thus still present but invisible to preserve aesthetics and comfort.

The Water Closet by VitrA: Infinitely innovative!

V-care Prime, a new VitrA shower toilet model, responds to the remote control of course, but it can also respond to the smartphone via a dedicated application and even by voice.

• It thus completes the panorama of contactless devices which participate in health prevention in private and collective housing.

• It has all the usual functions of a shower toilet to which are added additional levels of settings - intensity, temperature, etc. of the jets - to achieve highly customizable premium use. It is also equipped with an LED night light which is very useful at night!

• It is flangeless and its stainless steel nozzle is automatically cleaned after each use.

• Its heated screen contributes to the comfort of the seat and its flap has an automatic opening / closing system for full compliance with the contactless concept.

V-care Prime benefits from the design signed Arik Levy.logo

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