Furniture feet are the essential asset of a successful decoration.

Centerpieces of your decoration or discreet accessories to highlight your furniture, they adapt to all styles and all your landscaping projects. Hourglasses, trapezoids, pins and now cubic shapes, La Fabrique des Pieds has made them its specialty and offers them endlessly… to our delight!

Furniture legs, a trademark!

While the decoration and furniture market has shown an extraordinary level of growth since 2019, more and more French people are favoring do-it-yourselfers to decorate their homes without betraying their values! Many are turning to responsible companies, anxious to meet the desires of consumers while ensuring their economic, social and environmental impact. This is particularly the case of La Fabrique des Pieds, a manufacturing workshop specializing in furniture legs, which seduces by the style of its products but also by its philosophy ...

It was in 2014, near Lille, that the small company put down its tools to make the furniture leg a decorative accessory that everyone is tearing up. Florent, at the initiative of the project, has thus given life to his entrepreneurial and creative projects, with the ambition to create a committed company, which does good for its customers without harming the environment!

La Fabrique des Pieds is precisely the realization of a whole system of values ​​dear to Florent and his team of enthusiasts. No way for them to go into mass production! So, everything is done to offer responsible and meaningful products: here, the creators make each foot of furniture in an artisanal way, from local products and for an affordable price to which the team is particularly attached.

The company, firmly rooted in its territory, is therefore keen to make its products accessible to as many people as possible. Thanks also to its stronger digital presence, it is now exported to the four corners of the world and is regularly featured in decoration shows!

Both a manufacturing workshop and a showroom, La Fabrique des Pieds is finally a place of exchange that customers can visit to discover the manufacturing process in more detail and share a moment with the team. It is also the perfect opportunity to observe the quality of the products, a fundamental principle that La Fabrique des Pieds never derogates from.

Furniture legs for all tastes

Let it be said, you could not miss the furniture legs! With the advent of do-it-yourself and upcycling, they are the delight of DIY and decoration enthusiasts who want to create an interior in their image. It must be said that furniture legs offer endless possibilities and allow you to carry out all projects: recycling a coffee table, modernizing a bedside table, customizing an IKEA piece of furniture or even transforming a few pallets collected around the corner.

From the living room to the bedroom via the bathroom, each of your furniture and storage units can find a second youth thanks to the 95 references of the Fabrique des Pieds, designed to fit perfectly into all interior styles. Black pin feet in an industrial entrance, a golden spherical foot in an art deco living room or even wooden cross feet in a modern office: whatever the atmosphere you want to create at home, it's not the ideas that missing ! Otherwise, a look at the La Fabrique des Pieds website will help you find inspiration and choose the most suitable furniture legs for your project.

Also, the company makes it a point of honor to take care of the design of its products and to regularly complete its collections. It is a real work of style carried out by the creators of La Fabrique des Pieds, to always offer designer furniture legs and in tune with the times, like the very latest collection created by the brand!

Furniture legs take on the graphic trend

Of course, the graphic trend does not seem decided to leave our interiors ... At first almost geometric then colorful, it is now taking on a new impetus in a much more minimalist form. Discreet and refined, the graphic trend plays with lines and right angles, directly inspired by cubism and the classics of the Art Deco style, the other great trend that invades our interiors!

Like Gatsby or Mondrian in their time, the Fabrique des Pieds is directly at the heart of these trends and puts the cube in the spotlight of its new collection: a series of sober and elegant feet, both decorative elements apart. complete and discreet accessories that enhance a marble or wooden table, velvet cushions or a wool rug.

Available in 4 standards, the cubic furniture legs imagined by La Fabrique des Pieds can also become the centerpiece of your decoration, and proudly enthroned in the middle of your living room, in your living room… and even outside! If the matte black goes wonderfully with noble materials inside, the copper or gold furniture legs could well create the surprise, bathed in the light of your terrace. In decoration, daring is always right!

For more possibilities, cubic feet are also available in custom. They allow you to design a bench for the living room, a pedestal table for the entrance, stools for the kitchen bar, and many other personalized creations!

It is precisely the characteristic of do-it-yourselfers: to be able to bring their ideas to life by creating with their own hands! So, if the furniture legs of La Fabrique des Pieds are already the pride of some 28 convinced who have adopted them, no doubt that by inviting them into your home ... they will soon make yours! Now the hardest part is still choosing ...

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To learn more, visit the site of La Fabrique des Pieds, and click right here.

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