A century of revolutionary architectures reinterpreted in the enchanting marbles of the 9Cento collection by Ceramiche Keope.

 Ceramiche Keope, one of the leading producers of porcelain stoneware wall and floor coverings, presents the 9Cento collection, a line of marble and stone inspired by European modernist architecture from the early XNUMXth century.rd century, with fascinating new meanings in a contemporary spirit.

The 9Cento series boasts an original palette of 6 chromatic choices that recall the luxurious atmospheres of modern villas from the first years of the last century. The current eclecticism plays with assortments of materials, colors and reinterpretations of the past and makes the marbles extremely current with cross-contamination in relation to the various origins and fashions of time.

Expressive research and technical refinement meet, once again, in the six sizes of 9Cento - all 120 cm square, with the exception of the small size, the 60x60 cm square. The large 6 mm slab, a synthesis of technical resistance and aesthetic excellence, offers a privileged dimension to take advantage of the unpredictable patterns of ceramic marble surfaces. 

Under a perfect semi-polished finish, the rigor of the design welcomes the unpredictability of natural signs in the 5 varieties of marble which then blend into another decorative variation, the Palladian:

Ombra moca

On a dark background, a storm of tea- or café-au-lait-colored stripes blend with nuanced touches of terracotta. Each gram of pigment unleashes an intense dialogue with space.

Green Ray

Shining like the meadows of Ireland, changing like the Nordic skies: it is impossible to tell the infinite tones of green that appear on the surface, between candid veins and mineral filaments.

Alba Gold

A romantic Italian Calacatta steeped in ancient memories. The veins, fine or fuller, branch out like golden infiltrations with powder or orange pigments, in an ever different scenographic journey.

Aurora Beige

When minerals combine with each other in the rules of the art, brecciated marble is tinted with light. From the background rises a soft beige with varied shades, typical of a classic beauty of Mediterranean spirit.

Riflesso Bianco

A model of exotic elegance with a luminous and evanescent background on which glitter of granite origin bursts. Small streams of color and dark pigments pile up and separate.


Transformed by the perfect combination of color, shape and shine, the Palladian presents a majestic aspect of fantasy and rigor. Block marbles release unexpected, almost magnetic geometries; different character colors celebrate the creative use of natural materials in futuristic contexts. With Metamorfosi, new spaces can be measured against a century of revolutionary architectures and, at the same time, let contemporary projects travel towards decorative frontiers still unknown.

About Ceramiche Keope:

Ceramiche Keope an Italian ceramic company that studies, designs and produces porcelain stoneware floor or wall coverings. Its history, which began in 1995 in Casalgrande (Reggio Emilia), has led it to be present with its products in more than 80 countries around the world today, with an annual production of more than 5 million square meters. The company offers solutions with refined design and high technical performance for both outdoor and indoor spaces, commercial, public and residential spaces.

Ceramiche Keope products do not emit any organic substances, do not cause allergies and are easy to clean. The quality and beauty of our products are the result of technological investments and our strong desire to develop high performance products. In addition, porcelain stoneware is not afraid of alterations or aggressions such as impacts, abrasions, fire, frost, humidity, weight or climatic conditions and it retains its original color and appearance over time. day.

Ceramiche Keope's philosophy can be summed up in the attention to detail, social responsibility, respect for the environment and people. These values ​​have always characterized the company with a view to spreading the uniqueness of “Made in Italy” throughout the world.

Visuals: © Keope_9CENTO_Palladiana


To learn more, visit Ceramiche Keope website

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