Minimalist, a design that goes straight to the point. This is the purist principle of modern furniture.

KARCHER DESIGN focused on this style and thus developed a new concept in which the door handle and the rose window become invisible.

This new range is called "Invisible Mission".

The result is a mini rosette with a diameter of just 30mm and a thickness of 2mm. The rose is then hidden behind the door handle.

This range includes five models of handles in classic satin stainless steel and in black cosmos. The new white Polaris finish blends in with the white door finish, making the handle almost invisible.

A Rhodes ER28 trim associated with the mini-rose demonstrates that a door handle alone has pride of place in a room and the components attached to it become superfluous.

The mini-rose is also available in combination with the German Design Award-winning Las Vegas ER87 handle, which accentuates its slender shape.

According to the motto: "Minimal rosette, maximum visibility of the door handle". The Madeira ER45 door handle model, on the other hand, impresses with its play of round and angular elements and goes particularly well with the square mini-rose.

To complete the "Mission-Invisible" range, three new design models have also been specially designed for the mini-rose: Soho, Boston and Brooklyn.

To push purism to the extreme, KARCHER DESIGN developed the color Polaris white, for white doors, so that the handle becomes one with the door.

The assembly technique has been adapted to the mini-rosette. The rosette is not screwed, but simply pushed into the door. The notching of the rosette makes the fixing robust. This innovative mounting technique does not require any additional drilling of the door and is particularly robust. The door handles are secured with the needle screw. The mini rosette can also be combined with other models in the range KARCHER DESIGN on demand.

KARCHER DESIGN has therefore fulfilled its mission. The 30mm mini-rose disappears behind the door handle and the innovative designs make the new door handles unnoticeable. The new Polaris white finish on a door of the same color is the perfect solution for the "Invisible Mission".




To learn more, visit Karcher Design website.


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