In a new commercial building, the offices of the Ikanbi call center are housed, which rents the entire complex for its operators. Interior designer Charles Schinckus, from the MonArchi office, took care of the layout of the entire building.

"Ikanbi has opted for a high-end finish", explains interior designer Charles Schinckus, who gives us here why he chose Invisidoor.

"We looked for architectural details that could bring the project to the next level and represent added value. We therefore chose, in the entrance hall, to work with the product Invisidoor DL ​​'from Argenta.

Since Argenta brought Invisidoor to the market and we had the opportunity to hold this material in our hands, we were immediately convinced by its superior quality. With this project, we are proving that 'Invisidoor' is a very good alternative high-end product solution, the cost of which is not exorbitant. Despite heavy use, these doors are still in immaculate condition. They are also integrated discreetly and almost invisibly into their environment.

These door systems are great in an office environment and we have a very large wall in one part of the building with posters for the staff. This wall is also crossed by many doors and the fact that the new systems completely eliminate the door frames in the wall has allowed us to obtain a sober and refined whole.

We had previously worked for the CEO in a private capacity, concludes Charles Schinckus. Following this, he invited us to take care of the fitting out of this office building. Thanks to this project, our residential clientele has evolved and with it, our perspective of working on larger projects in the office world. "


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