In the field of interior design, Keope Ceramics is today one of the constantly growing companies. It is a leader in the production of ceramic surfaces for the exterior and, in recent years, it has also developed increasingly efficient solutions for the interior.

These two new collections resulting from the latest research on porcelain stoneware reveal their most beautiful effects, stone and marble, and reveal the very essence of Keope ceramics. 

It is precisely in this area that Keope is returning to its original product, stone, with the Omnia collection made up of porcelain stoneware surfaces inspired by the most sought-after European stone types.

With Omnia, the occasional evocation of natural textures includes the ancient travertine of Rapolano, Bleu de Vix, Ceppo di Gré, Emperador Silver, Pyrenean stone and Bianco Venezia, in a variety of grains and shades that is expressed through six proposals with a strong distinctive character.

One of the pluses of the series is the possibility of playing with the nuances, gradations, formats and finishes of more or less rough surfaces which ensure excellent performance both from an aesthetic point of view and performance, both outdoors and to the'inside. The charm of the series is also highlighted by the Crossing 3D decor created for all the graphic proposals which enhances the texture of the natural material.

Beyond the home, the Omnia collection can also be used in commercial spaces, highly stressed environments where Ceramiche Keope porcelain stoneware ensures resistance and a low level of maintenance.

Also presented at Cersaie, the new Onice collection is part of the company's wide range of brushed marble 100% Made in Italy.

Precious, resistant and luminous, this marble stone is the fruit of technological innovation applied to interior design; it gives depth to the surroundings thanks to the play of light on the reflective surfaces.

Onice's chromatic identity is defined by three shades and compact color associations that delicately coexist in porcelain stoneware: the Multicolor finish presents a wide chromatic variety that emphasizes the reflection of light; Honey is characterized by a fine honey color where the weaving and depth of warm and welcoming quartz emerge, while the Pearl shade, cooler and velvety, transforms the most anonymous interiors into decor with a sought-after style. In a neutral shade, the latter is perfect in contrast to matt and polished surfaces, especially for bathroom coverings.

Ideal for covering interior walls and floors, the Onice collection is available in several formats. The large tiles and modular formats are also suitable for bathroom surfaces and furnishing elements that make the series extremely versatile.

At the height of the expression of Ceramiche Keope's constant commitment to the research and development of original solutions by their aesthetics and their technical performances, Onice, with its chromatic intensity and the great richness of details, perfectly expresses the characteristics of the inspirational material for unique residential and contract design solutions.

Ceramiche Keope products do not emit any organic substances, do not cause allergies and are easy to clean.

Product quality, technological investments, desire for performance, porcelain stoneware is not afraid of alterations or aggressions or climatic conditions and it retains its original color and appearance over time.


Photos 1, 2 and 3: Omnia collection

Photos 4, 5 and 6: Onice collection


To learn more, visit the Ceramiche Keope site.


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